Dry cabinet, dry storage cabinet for electronics industry.

Drying cabinet TS2011

Dry storage cabinet TS2011 for reliable drying and dry storage for electronics, laboratory, aerospace and aeronautics

and many other applications that require storage in low humidity.
Dry storage of e.g. moisture sensitive electronic components SMT - SMD ( MSD: Moisture Sensitive Devices ) PCB's sucks the moisture out of the substrates, materials and media. This reduces the risk of moisture-related manufacturing defects to a minimum.
As a component dry storage cabinet, it enables dry storage of SMD components in accordance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033C & IPC-1601.
At the same time, the extremely dry atmosphere < 1% R.H. inside the dry storage cabinet achieves efficient re-drying of the stored goods or parts and reliably prevents oxiation of the soldering surfaces of electronic components, even over many years.

0011.2000 Full drawer extension for 18 SMD rollers, for TS2011

Accessories for drying storage cabinet TS2011:
The full-extension telescopic drawer slide for 18mm SMD reels

360,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
0011.2010 Full drawer extension for 33 SMD rolls, for  TS2011

Accessories for drying storage cabinet TS2011:
The full-extension telescopic drawer slide for 33mm SMD reels

360,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
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The advantages of the dry storage cabinet for SMD components in SMT production.

MSL components, such as IC, BGA, PCB, are sensitive to moisture, these components have strict requirements for the storage environment. It also makes sense to store unassembled, partially assembled PCBs in the drying cabinet. The drying storage cabinet achieves a very low humidity value of 0.1% R.H.,( measured with the best humidity sensor currently available on the market. The sensor offers the highest measuring accuracy in the range of 0...10 % RH). With a residual air humidity in the drying cabinet of < 1%, the dehumidification and re-drying speed for the stored components is very fast.
Oxidation of the soldering surface is also ruled out for all components. This means that if it is foreseeable that SMD resistors, SMD capacitors, SMD inductors etc. will not be assembled within approx. 1/2 year, they should also be stored in the drying oven from receipt of goods in order to avoid oxidation of the soldering surface and thus maintain good solderability. This means that they can still be soldered without any problems in 10 years' time. This also applies to bare PCBs.
The circulating air in the drying cabinet is dehumidified with a large cartridge filled with 2.3 kg of 4A zeolite molecular sieve. The zeolite completely removes the moisture from the air flowing through it and is regenerated when saturated with hot air. This process is not subject to wear and is repeated as often as required.
In general, the aim is always to achieve a minimum residual humidity of < 1% r.H. in the cabinet and this is also achieved after the door has been closed again after a few minutes.
For more information on configuration, network connection, data logger, etc., please refer to the operating instructions.
The component cabinet is preconfigured: Power plug in, components in, ready, problems solved.