PM2000 Meter for pH - Redox - Conductivity - Temperature

PM2000 with case

The  Hand-held meter PM2000 from IMO for water analysis of pH value, redox, conductance and temperature.
This very robust, universally applicable handheld meter in a splash-proof housing is equally suitable for the determination of pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature measured values, both for field use on site and for use in the laboratory. 
The Pocket PM2000 provides accurate readings in all applications such as industrial water, wastewater, fresh water, etc.
This universal handheld meter is supplied in a robust case complete with the measuring probes for pH value, temperature and conductivity and the corresponding pH buffer solutions pH 7.00 and pH 4.00 and KCl solution.

pH / mV / conductivity and temperature, all in one device.

Redox electrode Pt110
with platinum pin and ceramic diaphragm
Process temperature: -5 ... 80 ° C
Pressure resistance: max. 6 bar
122,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
0020.3061  Spare part, pH electrode, pH 62
Range: 1 .. 12 pH
Operating temperature: 0 .. 60 ° C
Shaft: 12mm plastic
Plug head: AS7
84,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
2000.0241  Spare part  Conductivity electrode for PM2000
Cell with integrated temperature sensor
Measuring range: 0.00 μS...500mS/cm
132,50 EUR
plus 19% tax
2000.0030  Spare part  pH / ORP measuring amplifier for PM 2000
Design is for electrodes with plug-AS7
incl. 50ml solutions pH 4, 0 / pH 7, 0 / PCl / dest. water.
136,00 EUR
plus 19% tax
10,50 EUR
plus 19% tax
10,50 EUR
plus 19% tax
10,50 EUR
plus 19% tax
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